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Winter Wonderland in Webbwood

Wrap yourself in the beauty of Winter with Agnew Lake Lodge this season. Watch the tall trees twinkle with crystal snowflakes that dance in the wind while visiting a winter spiderweb of local newly groomed trails. Be at peace fishing on the lake with the crisp air and sun warming your back. 

 Discover all the wonders that make winter fun! From fishing to sledding we have got something for everyone to enjoy!

Bring the family out for a variety of leisure activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating and tobogganing. Our ice rink is free to the public and our community members. Opens approximately in January.

The lodge will have warm beverages and snacks available.
Check in with us often to see all of our upcoming events and new package deals.


Winter Season Package Rates 

"The trails here in this part of Ontario are reminiscent of the epic trails in Whistler, British Columbia"

An avid snowmobiler 2022


Snowmachine the local terrain with over 100 miles remote wilderness trails. Freshly groomed trails have been added by Agnew Lake Lodge and local landowners. Explore on your own or book a guided tour. Our guides are knowledgeable of the area and trails. Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable and as safe as possible but above all else, they know how to have fun! 

***We are at a remote northern location. Most of the trails are use at own risk and extend for miles. Most locations DO NOT have cell service. Please be prepared for all situations if you are travelling on your own. ***



Ample parking

Fuel on site

Heated Indoor sled storage

Close to all local stores and restaurants



Must have own snowmachine along with proper safety gear

For our local trails NO PERMIT IS REQUIRED. Use at your own risk and enjoy!!

Must have an OFSC trail permit for the current season for local OFSC Trails

Get your permit online here


Guided Tours:

 (1-2hours) Guided Introduction to local trails. FREE with Accommodation Booking.

(3-6hours) Guided Introduction to local trails. Starting at $20/hour (1guide) $40/hour(2guides)

Full Day Wilderness Experience: Starting at $20/hour (1guide) $40/hour(2guides)


Extra Costs:

Emergency Response Fee: Starting at $50 minimum.  This fee includes the retrieval of persons and/or equipment and transportation back to Agnew Lake Lodge. (Examples: broken down machine, out of fuel, etc.) Total fee will be determined by each situation.







Superb Ice Fishing

Remote Wilderness Fishing at its best! There are many lakes to choose from with an abundance of Splake, Speckle, Walleye, Lake Trout and more. New to the area? We provide guided fishing tours by local fishermen who know the history of our area. View our new services and contact us for more information or to book your rental.


Fishing Licenses available at the Lodge

Ice Hut Rentals around various Lakes

Ample parking



Close to all local stores and restaurants


Must have own winter safety gear

Must have own fishing tackle

Must have fishing license


New Ice Fishing Packages Available 

Available Packages:

Walk IN Fishing Day Trip: $20/person (includes parking and lake access)

Fishing Set Up: FREE with Accommodation Rental

Ice Hut Rentals: $40/day dependent on availability.

No Remote Lake Access for Huts: Due to the safety concerns of  changing weather conditions, access to the back lakes, we will not be providing huts or access to these locations this season.

Family fun for everyone! Keep fit while appreciating the splendor of snow. Glide across the frozen surface of our lake rink. Build a snowman, Relish in the joy of children's laughter as they slide in delight down our toboggan hill. Take a serene cross country skiing trip or go on a snowshoe adventure. See the picturesque shimmer of the frozen lake encompassed by the tall pine trees with a hint of mint wafting in the air.

Winter equipment rentals are currently unavailable.

Please bring your own gear with your excitement for adventure!

Come for the day to play or stay longer in one of our fully furnished cabins.

Future recreational packages are coming soon!

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