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Guidelines & Rules

**Staff reserves the right to ask any Guests or Renters to leave the premises immediately if any of the Rules or Responsibilities mentioned below are disregarded.


Water: Our water is fed direct from the lake through our state of the art water system. Testing is conducted as per our local regulations. All tests this year have been clear. The water is safe to drink. With any adverse testing, or maintenance to the system we will post boil water advisory signs and notify our guests immediately.


Bedding: Bring your own linens. We provide washing cloths – dish soap, shower curtain & matt, toilet paper, mattress covers and fitted sheets, cleaning bags. If your cabin is missing ANYTHING or there is an item, you need. Come see us in the office, we probably have it!


Parking: Only one vehicle or side by side (ATV) can be parked at your cabin or campsite. All extra’s may be parked in our parking area by Cabin #12 (left entrance on hill coming in), PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY! A friendly reminder that children, pets, and other creatures are out and about exploring and playing.

Boats: must remain docked at their assigned space upon check in, unless arranged with NATHAN. Boat trailers must be parked at the boat trailer parking located by the Red Ice Shack.

Extra guests:  visiting must register at the office for insurance purposes. Cabin renters will need to add the name to their register. Seasonal Campers will need to add the name & visitation dates to their guest pass.


PETS: are welcome! They must be always leashed and are NOT allowed on the beach area. Poop and scoop rules apply throughout the campground and wooded areas. If you forget your poop bags, they are available at the office. We do charge a cleaning fee for pets as we take extra time and care to clean the cabins after your stay. We do have extra pet sheets to cover furniture as well when you check in.


The Beach: No glassware of any type is allowed on the beach. Although it is “outdoors” the beach area is a “NO SMOKING” & “NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES” space. We ask that you remember to share the beach space & keep all personal items with you. These rules are in place for all people to enjoy this space.


Beach water toys: Public use & rental of all water crafts are available. Watercraft items set up at the beach cannot be moved. Please share with other guests and enjoy!

We recommend that all children or swimming challenged individuals wear their life jackets while swimming or enjoying the water activities.


Smoking: Designated smoking areas are assigned around the park. Sand containers are also located at each cabin for cigarette or smoking butts/ends. Please DO NOT SMOKE IN CABINS.


Campfires: Check with the office for the current Fire Burning Bi-Law. If fires are allowed, please use the purchased wood from the Lodge. Keep an eye on height and width of your burning and remember to put out the fire when finished.

Outdoor Garbage and frying equipment left in the pits attracts unwanted wildlife. Please dispose of all garbage items properly.

Wood stored by Cabins are not available. These are storage for wood to dry properly and is used for heating our winter cabins.


Waste collection: We provide clear recycling bags & blue bins so that you can wash & sort your recycling. Plastics – Cardboard – Alcoholic Cans/Bottles. We also provide black & white garbage bags as well for regular waste. Gather all garbage and leave beside the road in front of your cabin for daily pick up/ Saturday check out pick up.
Our main garbage bin is on the left up the hill while exiting the area. Please allow maintenance to remove your garbage/recycling for you. All fryer oil must be TAKEN HOME. We do not have the facilities to dispose of this properly at this time.

FISH CLEANING: Do not clean fish inside your cabin, please use the Fish Cleaning Hut. Cleaning chemical, water and garbage bins are provided.
HUNTING CLEANING: Do not clean any animal inside or near your cabin. Please get your guide to assist you or find out your designated cleaning area.



Your hosts ,

Sherri, Nathan and Staff

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